Snap! The Sundial App

Snap! is a small web-based javascript app. It uses our own custom C++ libraries on the server to do most of the calculations.

Select a country then a city to display a representation of a sundial. It allows you to select from nearly 4000 cities.

A red line then shows the current clock time at that location, with midnight at the top, and noon at the bottom.

If the sun is up at that location and time, a blue line indicates the current sun time at that location, the sundial is lit, and its shadow is shown. Otherwise, the complete dial is shaded.

There may be a significant difference between the red and blue lines, especially if the city is currently using daylight saving / summer time, or if the city is very far east or west of the ideal centre of its timezone region.

A paid version (by subscription) is also available with several extra features. See the following:
1-Year Subscription
3-Year Subscription

You can discuss this app in our forum here.

Snap - The Sundial App - Copyright © 2011-13 Relative Data, Inc & Spot-On Sundials.

Extra Credits & Copyrights:

Zoneinfo time zone database is in the public domain
Geonames location database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
VSOP87 astronomy database is in the public domain
Astronomy and time algorithms - Copyright © 2011-13 Relative Data, Inc.
Dial image - Copyright © 2000-2011 Piers Nicholson, Spot-On-Sundials
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