Snap! Sundial App - 3 Year Subscription


A subscription provides web access to the full Snap! Sundial Web App.

The 3-year subscription has the same features as the 1-year, except for the length of the subscription.

It provides the following extra features:
- you can select from nearly 9000 town & cities, or you can enter any latitude and longitude directly
- you can specify a time offset to see the sundials for the previous or next several hours

It then outputs all the following in high accuracy:
- the clock time showing its derivation from UT, the timezone offset, and the daylight/summer offset (if any)
- the sun time showing its derivation from UT, the longitude offset, and the equation of time
- the sun's apparent declination, apparent altitude and azimuth
- the time of sunrise, solar noon, and sunset

The dial will also automatically refresh every 15 seconds

Click the image to see a sample of the output.

As new features are developed for this application, you will get the benefit of those features automatically.

Nothing is shipped. When you order, you will receive an email within 24 hours giving instructions on how to access the full subscription version via the web.

Price: US$24.99