MyStars! Registration

Some comments from our registered users:

  • From France..."Congratulations for the quality of MyStars!"
  • From Massachusetts..."I love it!!! I have had no problems with it and no bugs to report. The installation went flawlessly."
  • From British Columbia..."thanks for keeping the price so low"
  • From Louisiana..."enjoyable and easier to use than other astronomy programs I've tried"
  • From Alabama..."I think your program is fantastic"
  • From New Hampshire..."The program is fun and educational"
  • From Alberta..."It's simply excellent. It's the jewel in my [astronomy] group"
  • From The Netherlands..."Congratulations!"
  • From Ohio..."I especially enjoy the animations."
  • From Pennsylvania..."Your program is very exciting...the animation is unbelievable...utterly intuitive"
  • From Germany..."Thank-you for your wonderful MyStars!"
  • From Ontario..."Fast, easy to use ... What a program!"
  • From Australia... "Thank you again and keep up the good customer relations and after-sales service"

    The version of MyStars! downloadable from our website is a demo version. Feel free to experiment with it and find whether it is of interest to you. Freely distribute as many copies of this product to friends and associates as you wish. The only restriction on copying is that you include all the files, without modification, that were originally included in your copy of this software.

    BUT THIS IS NOT FREE SOFTWARE, even if you received it on a CD-ROM, or downloaded it from the Internet. Until you become a registered user, you are entitled only to evaluate it for a period of 15 days, then it must be registered or you must discontinue using it.


    We accept Paypal, or Moneygram, or cheques for payment.

    • A single license (registration#) for MyStars! is US$20.
      A single license provides you with a registration number BY EMAIL, and entitles the use of the program by multiple users on one single computer, or by one single user on multiple computers. If the program is to be used by multiple users on multiple computers, you are expected to order multiple licenses (contact us about our very reasonable site licence costs for schools and school boards).
    • Optionally - copies of the latest version on CDROM (but without any registration#) can be purchased for US$10.99 including shipping - sent by postal mail.

    If you have any questions concerning MyStars! or about pricing please contact us at


    • Registration allows you to enable the moon (with phases and eclipses) and enables the Hipparcos catalogue of 118,000 stars.
    • Registered users get full email support
    • Registered users are preregistered for at least 2 years of free upgrades which can be downloaded from our website as they become available.
    • Input from registered users is used to determine which new features are to be added to subsequent versions.