MyStars! Download


Minimum Requirements: 486DX or Pentium or higher, 32+ MB memory, 4 MB HD space, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT4+/Vista/Windows 7

NOTE: MyStars! installs without a hitch on 32bit systems. But we had several reports that MyStars! will NOT install on Windows 64-bit systems. Now, thanks to the help of one of our users, we have a workaround for installing MyStars! on 64-bit machines. See the forums section of our site!

The following are evaluation copies. Later, if you wish, you can acquire a valid registration number which will enable complete functionality. If you are preregistered for this version, your system will detect this automatically when you install.

32 Bit Self-installing .EXE version (Myst3227.exe)
Click on the link, save on your system, then run (launch) it.

If you require older versions of MyStars! instead, please contact us.

MyStars! is not free software. Install, run and evaluate it for free, but if you decide to keep it, a registration fee of us$20 is required.