Special instructions to install MyStars! 2.7 on Windows 7

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MyStars! should install fine on XP and earlier machines, but people have been having issues installing it on Win 7 machines.

MyStars! was never originally written to be installed using the structure of Windows 7. It was designed for earlier 32bit machines (and previously for 16 bit machines!)

The problem is not MyStars! itself, but the installer program. The program will work on Windows-7 once its installed.

But thanks to Clay Patrick, a MyStars! user in Oregon, we have a work around if you want to install on Win 7. Thank you Clay!

Clay says - quote:

1. Download the program, myst3227.exe.

2. Locate the program using Windows Explorer -- usually it's saved in the "downloads" folder.

3. Right click on myst3227.exe and then left click on "Troubleshoot compatibility"

4. It will do a quick analysis ("Detecting issues . . ."), and then give
you two options. Left click on the first one ("Try recommended settings").

5. In the next window which opens, click the button "Start the program"
and the installer program will open like it should. NOTE: You will have to
manually use the mouse to drag the "Program compatibility" window which has
the "start the program" button in it, down the screen and out of the way, so
you can see the installer window behind it. OR just left click anywhere on
the screen outside of that window to move it behind the MyStars installation

6. ONE TWEAK (64 bit machines only): In the MyStars installer program, it doesn't detect the
correct folder to put the program, so you need to either browse to the right
folder, which is C:\Program Files (x86), or type it in manually, PLUS then
manually type in the subfolder name after the (x86): \MyStars32-27, and
then click next, and the installer should finish properly. At least it did
with me. [The Program Files (x86) folder is where a 64-bit system stores
non-64-bit programs. The 64-bit programs are stored in the normal "Program
Files" folder.]

7. Then just manually close the compatibility window with the X.

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My Star Online up Date where can I get

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The latest version of MyStars! is 2.7. It can be downloaded from