Small flashing arrows and brightning /changing color of clock face

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Harvey Krumpet
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Hello Everyone,
I am a great fan of free Time Zone Master. I have 2 questions. I have 3 clocks (small size) set up: Los Angles, New York and London. I just noticed that there are small blinking arrows pointing to approx. 2pm, flashing on the seconds, on both the Los Angles and New York clocks , but not on the London clock. What are my little friends trying to tell me?

2nd question. Is there a way to "brighten" the face of the clocks or change from silver to white? I have problems with the legibility against my multicolored background. I found removing the sun display helps but having more contrast would be a home run!

Thank you for your time (no pun intended)

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Thanks for your questions. I always appreciate questions from fans of TZM.

1) Actually, the arrows are showing that a clock change is coming soon in the affected cities. In your case the arrows are pointing forward, showing that the clocks will be moving forward soon - for summer / daylight savings time.
If the arrows are grey, the change will occur sometime in the next two weeks; greyish-red means within the next week, and bright red means within the next day. You can check the actual date and time of the next clock change by right clicking on the clock face, then clicking 'explore'.

2) There is no way at this time to change the actual colours of the clocks, but you can try right-clicking on a clock, and playing with 'transparency'. If you set it to opaque, the clocks may be clearer.

By the way, beside the upcoming summer / daylight saving changes which are coming around the world in the next two months, there will also likely be a new set of tz rules for various countries as well in the next few months, so dont forget to put your programme on 'auto update' if you want to insure you get the latest rules updates as so as they are confirmed. Some tz rules changing and coming soon for the programme include parts of Canada, Armenia, Chile, Falklands, Tokelau, Antarctica. The first update for 2012 is likely in the next week or so, and more details will be provided as soon as I know more.