Where is the Sun straight up at the September Equinox?

When is the equinox?
- Time Zone Master gives 5:05 EDT September 23

Is the sun directly overhead at noon anywhere exactly at the time of equinox?
- No. Using local timezones the closest is 12:05 EAT in East Africa

What about using solar/sundial time, instead of timezone time?
- Yes there is a place, and here is how to find it: Read more »

UARS satellite on schedule to fall to earth

For the last two decades, the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite was orbiting Earth. Six years back, the satellite arrived at what NASA called the "end of a productive scientific life". By Saturday, UARS is expected to come crashing back to Earth. Resource for this article: UARS satellite pieces have 1 in 3,200 chance of hitting Earth

How UARS has lived Read more »

Summer Solstice June 21st 2011 17:16:00 UT

The summer solstice for those in the Northern Hemisphere (winter solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere) will be Read more »

Welcome to Members of the British Sundial Society

We hope you have picked up one of our postcard flyers at the Annual Conference 2011 in Wyboston Lakes, and that you download and try our free Time Zone Master product.

Also, Piers Nicholson of Spot-On Sundials has some information about 'Snap!' the Sundial App. Snap! is a joint project between Relative Data & Spot-On Sundials and should be available from our sites within a few weeks.

Vernal Equinox 2011-3-20 at 11:21PM UT (London Time)

... according to our free Time Zone Master product.

Happy Spring/Fall depending on where you live.

v1.1 Released

v1.1 is released with enhancements used when selecting clock locations. Please read the Version History page in the the website menu.

TZM v1.0 Released

Its released, and several thousand emails sent!

Thanks to our Alpha and Beta testers for all their help!

The underlying code in TZM will be the basis for several upcoming products.

Still looking for 2-3 more Beta Testers

Would you like to volunteer to test our upcoming product Time Zone Master? The beta version of the product is now available for beta testers - just install and enjoy and add your comments to our beta testing forum.

When the Pro version is released, it will be yours free as a thank you.

Requirements: Currently registered user of either MyStars! or GClock.

System Requirements: Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Vista or Win 7

Let us know.

Forums Re-opened

We have reopened our forums. Feel free to log in and say hello!

King Mongkut

I received this email the other day...

I read a Wikipedia article on King Mongkut of Siam...
"Mongkut was always interested in Astronomy. In 1868, he invited Sir Harry Ord, the British Governor of Straits Settlements from Singapore, as well as a party of French astronomers and scientists, to watch the total solar eclipse of 18 August, which King Mongkut himself had calculated two years earlier, at (in his own words) "East Greenwich longitude 99 degrees 42' and latitude North 11 degrees 39'."
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