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Image: ARP87 Galaxies
Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Drupal, PHP, C++, Star Charts, Calendars

We design and produce software in C++, on contract.

We design, produce and host websites, in Drupal, PHP, Javascript and JQuery.

We produce and sell software for astronomy and calendrics, and host several astronomy and calendar services on our site.

If you are a member of our previous site, your old userid and password should still work. If you forget your password, go to the home/login page and click on 'request new password' under the login panel, then enter your email address into the form. Please try it, or contact us, instead of starting a new account page. Once logged in, please check your info under 'My account', and edit it to set your correct time zone. If you are looking for your product registration ... Read more »

Time Zone Master

For Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and its free!

Time Zone Master is a new Windows Clocks program from Relative Data.

A Windows Clock Program Done Right

There are literally hundreds of clock display programs available for Windows. But virtually all of them use Window's own timezone database of UT offsets and daylight saving/summertime rules. But what happens when countries or regions then change to different clock rules? Windows timezone database, and windows clock programs that depend on it, are then wrong and can remain wrong for as long as six months before Microsoft updates their database! Certainly, most Windows clock programs are not something to depend on!

By Using the Olson Zoneinfo tz Database

Instead, Time Zone Master internally uses the comprehensive Olson Zoneinfo tz database, maintained using input from hundreds of corporate contributors worldwide, and used on Linux servers. Whenever any regional clock law change become known and confirmed, the database is quickly updated! Time Zone Master can then automatically download and install these updates within hours, not months! With Time Zone Master, your displayed clocks will always be as accurate as possible; now, and into the future!

It's also a Unique Astronomy and Timezone Research Tool

Time Zone Master adds over 200 countries, and over 45,000 towns and cities to its database, making it easy to select your clocks!

But far more than just a clock display program, Time Zone Master then adds all known historical timezone rules for 300 different world timezone regions going back to at least 1970, and for primary cities in these regions back to before the mid 1800s, making accurate historical time-of-day research possible! In comparison, windows built-in timezone database has NO historical timezone rules data.

Finally, Time Zone Master is also a highly accurate astronomical clock, showing Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, the times of moon phases, and the start of the seasons, the local Mean Time, Equation of time, Solar Sundial Time, Sidereal Time, and Terrestrial Time for each Read more »

Snap! The Sundial App

Snap! is a web-based application. It allows you to select from nearly 4000 cities.

Select a country then a city to display a representation of a sundial.

A red line then shows the current clock time at that location, with midnight at the top, and noon at the bottom.

If the sun is up, a blue line indicates the current sun time at that location, the sundial is lit, and its shadow is shown. Otherwise, the complete dial is shaded. Read more »

Where is the Sun straight up at the September Equinox?

When is the equinox?
- Time Zone Master gives 5:05 EDT September 23

Is the sun directly overhead at noon anywhere exactly at the time of equinox?
- No. Using local timezones the closest is 12:05 EAT in East Africa

What about using solar/sundial time, instead of timezone time?
- Yes there is a place, and here is how to find it: Read more »

Forums Re-opened

We have reopened our forums. Feel free to log in and say hello!

King Mongkut

I received this email the other day...

I read a Wikipedia article on King Mongkut of Siam...
"Mongkut was always interested in Astronomy. In 1868, he invited Sir Harry Ord, the British Governor of Straits Settlements from Singapore, as well as a party of French astronomers and scientists, to watch the total solar eclipse of 18 August, which King Mongkut himself had calculated two years earlier, at (in his own words) "East Greenwich longitude 99 degrees 42' and latitude North 11 degrees 39'."
Read more »

You can now share your saved .msv files

If you log in, you can share your saved MyStars! View (.msv) files, by using the Create content link in the website menu. Other MyStars! users will then be able to download and view your saved views by going to the Downloadable .msv files link.

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